Coughs and Colds Relief Oil for Kids


When your child isn't feeling well, give them the TLC they need with our Cough and Cold Relief Oil for Kids. For your young one's tender needs, our oil blend is created with the gentlest of pure essential oils. This formulation helps takes away the pain and the root cause of it.

Each 10mL bottle contains the essential oils of Rosalina, Spearmint, Cypress, and Cedarwood, all mixed in with a nourishing  Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil. Rosalina—also known as Lavender Tea Tree or Swamp Paperbark—gently blends Lavender's calming properties and Tea Tree's purifying attributes. Spearmint is a *known antioxidant that bolsters the body's defense systems. Thanks to its phytochemicals, Cypress has been used as a **folk remedy for cough and cold in various regions. And Cedarwood is ***rich in sesquiterpenes, which may have ****analgesic effects.

To give your child the relief they need, apply our Cough and Cold Relief Oil for Kids to the back of ears, throat, nape, and wrist. It can also be used also as a chest massage oil.


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Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil, and the essential oils of Rosalina, Spearmint, Cypress, and Cedarwood 

What You Need To Know
Bottle Size: 10mL
Bottle Type: Glass roller bottle

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