We are an All-Natural Skincare & Aromatherapy Group.
I'm a wife and a mother of two boys. I found my passion and love by being a hands on mother and wife to my family.

When i gave birth to my eldest son I found out from my Pediatric Dermatologist that Javier has skin asthma. A skin condition where skin gets dehydrated and dry. Skin Asthma is hereditary and not contagious.

As a mother of 6 month old child, I was very devastated. I was prescribed with different brands of soap and lotion, locally and abroad but none of these products is compatible with Javier’s skin. I also tried using local brands that are “all natural” but still no luck.

Having the training and background of Derma products from corporate work, I researched about skin asthma and the products that I can use for myself and for my son. I wanted to be knowledgeable of the ingredients I’m putting on my skin, to my son and to my family. I only wanted to use pure, all natural and chemical free products.

From a need, this gave birth to Mama Nurtures Enterprise and Botanicals in Bloom products.

Botanicals in Bloom's mission is to partner with Mothers and Support Groups in providing the best and un-compromised way in caring for the wellness of their babies and families through the availability of Botanicals in Bloom products. Products that are honest, made with love and finest all natural ingredients.

We partner wih local farmers and cooperative. We source available local ingredients as much as possible to help farmers sustain their livelihood.

Our Organic Virgin Coconut Oil(food grade), Ginger and Luyang Dilaw is from Quezon; Pili Oil from Bicol; Unrefined Beeswax and honey from Palawan.

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