Coughs and Colds Relief Oil for Kids
Buy Coughs and Colds Relief Oil for Kids in the Philippines.
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Coughs and Colds Relief Oil for Kids

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Is your child feeling under the weather? No worries—our Cough and Cold Relief Oil for kids is gentle enough to soothe those aches while kicking out those nasty germs from their system.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, immune-boosting, soothing

How To Use
Apply to the back of ears, throat, nape, and wrist. You can also use it as a chest massage oil.

Grapeseed oil, Rosalina essential oil, spearmint essential oil, cypress essential oil, cedarwood essential oil

  • Grapeseed—Aside from reducing swelling and inflammation, it also combats cardiovascular disease.
  • Rosalina—This gentle essential oil is kid-friendly, thanks to its mild expectorant properties.
  • Spearmint—A potent antibacterial and antimicrobial with sweetness kids will love.
  • Cypress—Contains antiseptic properties that also kill germs without harshness.

What You Need To Know
Bottle Size: 10mL
Bottle Type: Glass roller bottle

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