Goodnight Massage Oil
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Goodnight Massage Oil

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Goodnight Massage Oil

Making aromatherapy massage part of a nightly bedtime routine can be helpful for preparing the mind and body to relax and for inducing sleep through a drug-free approach.



Getting adequate and restful sleep is vital for the maintenance of overall health, as it helps to repair the body’s cells and tissues, to relieve the mind of daily stressors, to restore energy levels, to regulate hormones, and to boost the immune system.

Botanicals in Bloom’s Goodnight Massage Oil is made from locally sourced Pili Pulp Oil blended with 100% pure essential oils that are relaxing and have sedative properties; essentials of : Lavender, Bergamot ,Orange Sweet and Cedarwood.


Size: 100ml

We can customise in bigger quantity of 500ml.

Price: Php600

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