Rosalina Essential Oil


Belonging to the same genus as tea tree (Melaleuca), Rosalina is native to Australia and can be found along the coasts of Northern New South Wales and Northern Tasmania. It can either be a short tree or bushy shrub with soft leaves.

Rosalina has often been touted as the gentler version of lavender and tea tree while having the properties of both. Its subtle, rose-like scent is also mild to the nose, making it convenient for everyday use. Our 100% pure Rosalina Essential Oil is then perfect for oilers with kids, as its mild formulation helps make it useable for all ages. 

Calming, disinfectant, soothing 


  • May treat skin conditions
  • Soothes irritation and inflammation
  • Alleviates respiratory infections
  • Purifies skin
  • Alleviates allergies
  • Calms mental chatter
  • Relieves stress

Blends Well With
Fir needle, cypress, bergamot, petitgrain, lavender, and rose. 

BiB 100% Pure Essential Oil of Rosalina

What You Need To Know  
Botanical Name: Melaleuca ericifolia 
Country of Origin: Australia
Bottle Size: 10mL 

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