Neroli Eye Serum


Busy days and long nights can take a toll on your body. The area around your eyes, in particular, can be quite vulnerable to these stresses. You can keep those sensitive areas alive and glowing despite the rough patches with proper care. 

Our Neroli Eye Serum is then formulated to bring back a bit of freshness around your eyes. Under-eye circles are often caused by thinning skin due to less fatty tissue, so each all-natural ingredient is curated to target those woes. The moisturizing, *regenerative goodness of Rosehip Oil and Golden Jojoba Oil help nourish and seal those delicate areas without the heaviness. Meanwhile, the compounds of **linalool and β-pinene found in Neroli help soothe inflammation, while its ***sesquiterpenes help alleviate skin issues. 

To use, dab around the eye area and slowly pat the serum with your ring finger. Do not pull the skin around the eye area. Use in the morning before applying make-up and before going to bed. 


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Rosehip Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Vegetable Squalane, and the essential oils of Neroli and Lavender  

What You Need To Know 
Bottle Size: 10mL

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