New Baby Gift Set


Baby on the way? Our New Baby Gift Set is here to save the day! Each product included in the gift set is made with all-natural ingredients and formulated specifically to protect your baby from common woes, like diaper rash and colic. Save up to 20% when you avail of this gift bundle! 


  • One (1) bottle Botanical Baby Oil 
  • One (1) Baby Bottom Balm 
  • One (1) bottle Anti-Colic Oil 
  • One (1) bottle Botanical Shield 
  • One (1) Balm Aid 
  • 100mL Citrus Grapefruit Sanitizer 
  • One (1) AJ Snuggabear 
  • One (1) wooden box 

What You Need To Know 
*AJ Snuggabear is available in Gingerbread (orange-brown), Sepia (dark brown), and Leafy (green).

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