Lemongrass Essential Oil


Locally sourced in the Philippines

As an oil grass (Cymbopogon), lemongrass essential oil is extracted through steam distillation. It comes from the Poaceae family, and is native to the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Australia, Africa, and Asia.

With sweet undertones and a strong citrus front, our lemongrass oil is perfect for those hot summer months. Aside from being an excellent insect repellant, pure lemongrass essential oil holds potent medicinal properties. Add some on your wounds for a natural remedy, or on your temples if you feel nauseous. Perfect for oilers who love refreshing, all-around scents.

Analgesic, antidepressant, antimicrobial, antipyretic, antiseptic, astringent, bactericidal, carminative, deodorant, diuretic, febrifuge, fungicidal, galactogogue, insecticidal, nervine, sedative, tonic


  • Reduces pain
  • Fights depression
  • Inhibits microbial growth
  • Reduces high fever
  • Protects wounds from being septic
  • Strengthens gums and hair
  • Reduces hemorrhaging
  • Kills bacteria
  • Eliminates gas
  • Reduces body odor
  • Promotes urination
  • Reduces fever
  • Stops fungal infections
  • Increases milk
  • Kills insects
  • Strengthens nerves
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Cures nervous disturbances

Blends Well With



rosemary, and basil.

BiB 100% Pure Essential Oil of Lemongrass

What You Need To Know
Botanical Name:
Cymbopogon flexuosus
Country of Origin: India

Bottle Size: 10mL

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