100% Chamomile Hydrosol Face Mist Spray
100% Chamomile Hydrosol Face Mist Spray
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100% Chamomile Hydrosol Face Mist Spray

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The best facial spray for sensitive skin should hydrate you without the heaviness. And our chamomile face mist does just that. By distilling pure chamomile essential oil into a hydrosol, our facial spray gives you the best the essence offers. Perfect for soothing your face from irritants and protecting it from bacteria.

Our chamomile hydrosol face mist can serve as a toner, facial mist or to set make-up.

Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, soothing

100% pure chamomile essential oil, water

  • Chamomile – The benefits of chamomile lie in its anti-inflammatory compounds. By lowering inflammation, chamomile helps improve skin regeneration.

What You Need To Know
Skin Type: Sensitive