Goodnight Massage Oil


When your body is tired and tense from the day, it can be hard to wind down by bedtime. Fortunately, massage is a great natural way to loosen those frazzled nerves and get yourself ready for a good night's rest. Massage therapy was shown to improve the effects of *insomnia in postmenopausal women and their quality of life, proving to be a promising treatment for nighttime restlessness.   

Our Goodnight Massage Oil is then formulated to soothe the central nervous system and relax any tension in the body. Pili Pulp Oil serves as the base of this rejuvenating massage oil, thanks to its gentle moisturizing and **antioxidant properties. The essential oil blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood helps calm the senses and unwind the mind to make for a more restful sleep. 

Simply apply onto skin and massage thoroughly to let its soothing properties sink in. Best used right before bedtime. 


  • *Hachul, H., Oliveira, D. S., Bittencourt, L. R., Andersen, M. L., & Tufik, S. (2014). The beneficial effects of massage therapy for insomnia in postmenopausal women. Sleep science (Sao Paulo, Brazil)7(2), 114–116.
  • **Shakirin, F. H., Azlan, A., Ismail, A., Amom, Z., & Yuon, L. C. (2012). Protective effect of pulp oil extracted from Canarium odontophyllum Miq. Fruit on blood lipids, lipid peroxidation, and antioxidant status in healthy rabbits. Oxidative medicine and cellular longevity2012, 840973.

Pili Pulp Oil and the essential oils of Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, and Cedarwood

What You Need To Know 
Bottle Size: 100mL, 500mL
Bottle Type: Glass dropper bottle

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