Anti-Colic Oil with German Chamomile
Anti-Colic Oil with German Chamomile
Botanicals in Bloom

Anti-Colic Oil with German Chamomile

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There's nothing more distressing than seeing your baby in pain, which is why colic is a nightmare for most parents. Our Anti-Colic Oil with German Chamomile, then, is specially formulated to help relieve your little one of excess gas and soothe their discomfort. Made with natural and hypoallergenic ingredients.

How to Use

Warm the Botanical in Bloom Anti-Colic Oil on your hands. Apply onto your baby’s tummy and gently massage in clockwise circles.

Golden jojoba oil and 100% pure German chamomile essential oil

  • Golden jojoba oil Gentle on the skin, golden jojoba oil is often used for moisturizing and soothing skin. 
  • German chamomile May help expel and eliminate the risk of excess gas. Also said to be a good anti-inflammatory agent.

What You Need To Know
Bottle Size: 15mL

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