Botanicals Essential Oils Intro Kit


Our Botanicals Essential Oils Intro Kit is made for essential oils newbies who want to start small. With strong base fragrances and two roller bottles, you have the freedom to choose which essential oil profile is for you and how to apply it. Save up to ₱350 when you avail of this bundle! 


  • 10mL Eucalyptus Globulus Essential Oil –  Eucalyptus globulus. Its crisp, minty scent helps ease the aches and break through the stuffiness.
  • 10mL Lavender Essential Oil –  Lavandula angustifolia. Contains soothing and purifying properties that make it perfect for general use.
  • 10mL Lemon Essential Oil –  Citrus limon. Limonene, a compound that makes up a large part of lemons, has potent antibacterial properties that fend off disease.
  • Two (2) pcs. glass roller bottle (10mL)
  • One (1) small wooden EO organizer 

What You Need To Know 
*The EO box organizer can hold 5mL, 10mL, and 20mL bottles. 

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