Luad Earthenware Diffusers


Our beautiful  Luad Earthernware Diffusers evoke the rustic simplicity of traditional earthenware pots while adding an elegant twist. Crafted with matte ceramic and grounded hues, this diffuser gives your space the much-needed coziness it needs while you enjoy your essential oils. 

How To Use 
Make sure that the diffuser is unplugged and turned off. Twist top to open, then add water to the diffuser. Add a few drops of your essential oil of choice to your preference. Twist top shut to close, then plug the diffuser. Press the button to use. 


  • The cover is crafted from matte ceramic. 
  • Can last until 4 hours on a full tank. 
  • A built-in sensor stops the machine when the tank is empty. 
  • Can serve as an aromatherapy diffuser, deodorizer, humidifier, air ionizer, and air purifier depending on the essential oil added. 

What You Need To Know 
Water capacity: 90mL 
Diffusing capacity: 500 sq. ft. 
Width: 3.4” 
Height: 7” 
Weight: 1.1 lbs 
Run time: 4 hrs (consistent), 8 hrs (intermittent) 
Available colors: Kayumanggi (Terracota), Luntian (Forest Green), Luna (Charcoal Gray), Dalisay (White) 
*Comes with a FREE 10mL bottle of our BiB 100% pure Lavender Essential Oil or Peppermint Essential Oil.

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