Balm Aid (Healing Balm)


Give those minor scrapes, burns, and skin irritations the care they need with our 100% all-natural Healing Balm Aid. Each ingredient is specially curated to soothe inflammation, protect your wounds from infection, and keep the skin supple and moisturized.

Each small tub contains the essential oils of Rosalina and Lavender, which help soothe affected areas while gently purifying any surface wounds. The blend of organic Shea Butter and Virgin Coconut Oil—fortified by Comfrey and Calendula that traditionally lower **skin inflammation and ***irritation—gives your skin the proper after-nourishment it needs.

Safe for babies, kids, and elderly people, keep a bit of our Healing Balm Aid at hand for instant relief and healing.

Caution: Do not use for deep wounds.


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Organic Shea Butter, infused organic Virgin Coconut Oil with Comfrey and Calendula, and the essential oils of Rosalina and Lavender.

What You Need To Know
Size: 20g

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