Luxurious Rose Facial Serum


Aside from giving you radiant, petal-soft skin, our Luxurious Rose Skincare line is also a time-honored beauty ritual.

This Absolute Rose Facial Serum is rich in Mother Nature's gifts and loaded with therapeutic benefits for the skin. Each bottle contains a beautiful blend of Rosa centifolia and the antioxidant-rich botanical oils of Rosehip and Vegetable Squalane—giving your skin the glow it deserves. Rose Oil, in particular, visibly helps refine skin texture thanks to its *anti-inflammatory and tissue-generating properties. It also contains vitamin A and antioxidants that help stimulate collagen production, thus smoothing down wrinkles and leaving skin fresher and younger-looking.

Best used with BiB Rose Water Moisturizing Facial Mist to prepare the skin after cleansing and the BiB Regenerating Neroli Eye Serum for eye care.


  • *Lee, M. H., Nam, T. G., Lee, I., Shin, E. J., Han, A. R., Lee, P., Lee, S. Y., & Lim, T. G. (2018). Skin anti-inflammatory activity of rose petal extract (Rosa gallica) through reduction of MAPK signaling pathway. Food science & nutrition6(8), 2560–2567.

Evening Primrose Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E

What You Need To Know
Bottle Size: 15mL
Bottle Type: Glass dropper bottle
Skin Type: Sensitive, Normal, Combination, Dry and Age-Prone

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